Recently Sold Homes

A list of the homes I have recently helped clients buy, sell and invest in. 

1301 112 E 13th Ave, North Van

Offered at $649,000

Helped get a first time homebuyer into a pristine 1 bed, 1 bath home in the 3 year old Centreview building in Central Lonsdale.   A building with some of the most incredible amenities available on the market!

Sold February 6, 2020

204 228 E 18th Ave, Mt. Pleasant

Offered at $769,000

Sale two of the year was our Mount Pleasant listing that had over 50 groups through in the first week and sold in multiple offers for over asking price. We got the seller the second highest sale price per foot ever recorded in the building, and 11% over the assessed value. This was co-listed with @ryan.dash.bringithome and is our 4th listing in a row to sell in 1 week or less.

Sold January 31, 2020

304 20175 53 Ave, Langley

Offered at $358,000

The first sale of 2020 went to an investor who picked up a turn-key tenanted property in Langley. With a great tenant in place paying market rent, a second parking spot and a future SkyTrain Station nearby, this property looks to be a fantastic earner for the new owner.  A big thank you and great working with @jeffappelbe on this one.

Sold January 10, 2020

15 3200 Westwood St., PoCo

Offered at $448,000

The final sale of the year goes to a young couple who just bought their first home! Thanks so much for working with me and happy to see this all work out. Congratulations to you and what a great way to start off your 2020!
🛏 2 Bedroom
🛁 2 Bathroom
📐 1,200 SQFT
🚙 1 Parking  🐶 Pets Allowed

Sold December 17, 2019

101 6188 Wilson Ave., Burnaby

Offered at $809,000

If you’ve ever questioned if marketing makes a difference in Real Estate, check out this story. This particular home was listed on the MLS with another agent for 6 months before the sellers came to us. There had been no offers and very little interest.  We listed the home a week later at the exact same price, in the exact same condition. The difference was, we executed our marketing campaign. This included: Pre Listing Marketing, Professional Photos, Professional Video, Custom Website, Laser Measured Floor Plans, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ad Campaign, Database Marketing (5,000+), Geo-Targeted Marketing, Magazine Quality Brochures
And the result? The home went into multiple offers and sold for full asking price in only 3 days. Same House, Same Price, Same Condition. That’s the difference that marketing makes. If you have had similar issues selling your property, we’d love to discuss what we do differently, and specifically, for your home.

Sold November 25, 2019

405 22290 North Ave, Maple Ridge

Offered at $289,000

Maple Ridge is seeing an influx of investors as the fundamentals are strong and cash flow is possible with the minimum 20% down. This client is set to live in the home then convert it to a rental when work takes him up north. The last client I sold into this building had 9 applicants when she posted it for rent and had it tenanted with zero days vacancy. Maple Ridge is a great avenue for first time investors looking to get into the sub $300k market and get positive returns.

Sold October 30, 2019

204 3183 Esmond Street, Burnaby

Offered at $418,000

Client trust is a big deal and selling two homes back-to-back to out of town buyers via FaceTime really shows it. These buyers and I had previewed a few homes when they visited the month before, but none were the right fit. When this property hit the market I knew it was perfect for them and booked a showing right away. One buyer was in Argentina, the other on Vancouver Island so a FaceTime walkthrough was closest we could get to viewing it in person. And talk about kismet, the buyers were looking to rent the property out until they are ready to move in next fall, and the seller was looking for a buyer that would offer a rent back. Perfect Match!  Congrats to everyone getting what they were looking for here. A feel good deal for all involved. 🙏🏼

Sold October 25, 2019

501 38 W 1st Ave., Vancouver

Offered at $649,000

This listing hit the market with no photos, no floor plans and on a Wednesday. BUT, I know the building well and knew that it was perfect for a specific buyer that had been looking for months. Problem was, he was in another country at the time, and this one was going to go fast. Thankfully for technology and an accommodating listing agent, I was in there a couple hours later doing a video walkthrough for the client. He loved it and an offer was submitted that night and accepted by the next morning. Thankfully too, as it would have gone into multiples had we waited even 1 more day. Even better? We secured this one bedroom home at the lowest price seen in this building in over 2 years!

Sold October 24, 2019

314 1177 Hornby St., Vancouver

Offered at $569,900

They say good things come in three’s right? This sale marks my 3rd listing in a row that sold in exactly 3 days! Plus this home went up against 3 other listings in the same building, 2 of which were the identical floor plan. Proud to get the sellers the price they wanted and in less than 1 week. Congratulations D & P.W. and now for your next exciting chapter on Vancouver Island!

Sold October 11, 2019

205 13929 105A Ave, Surrey

Offered at $349,900

Getting my client her First Choice at this fantastic Pre Sale opportunity made her first time home a reality.  A great connection with the developer helped her get the best price and secure her #1 choice before the general public even had a chance to view the showroom.  Congrats on your first home! 

Sold September 28, 2019

6 9000 Ash Grove, Burnaby

Offered at $799,000

This is one of those properties that you walk into and instantly feel a home.  The finishings and color scheme are so warm and inviting, you feel like the home is hugging you!   The buyers thought so to and picked this up with only 11 days on market and are so happy to call it their own. 

Sold September 27, 2019

1660 Kerrstead, Lynn Valley

Offered at $2,049,000

Very rarely do homes come up in this sought after cul-du-sac.  So when this listing hit the market it was no surprise the amount of attention it received.   What was even better, the home had 3 offers on it within 48 hours and sold for a record price for the Street.  

Sold September 25, 2019

107 777 Eighth St., New Westminster

Offered at $459,000

Two weeks before going to market this home owned by a young couple with 2 kids under 2 was in absolute disarray. We came up with a plan to clean, store all excess belongings, paint, stage and market the home. Some hard work and dedication by the sellers and the place looked amazing, and just in time for the photos. We hit the market on a Monday and within 24 hours had 9 private showings. The next day we were looking at multiple offers and the home was SOLD by Wednesday, just 2 days on the market.  Even better, the sellers received the highest sale price per foot ever recorded in the building! Congratulations to the sellers - your hard work earned you a fantastic outcome. 

Sold September 13, 2019

1803 4160 Sardis St, Burnaby

Offered at $329,000

Selling this property came with a very unique set of challenges. I knew from the beginning it would require a lot more work than the average listing, and that the family deserved an immense amount of care, compassion and attention during this time.  Something in me knew I was the right one to help them. 

Sold August 29, 2019

332 E 8th Ave, North Vancouver

Offered at $1,799,800

Every once in a while you see a home that you fall in love with instantly. This brand new half duplex on E 8th in the Lower Lonsdale area was definitely one of them. With over-height ceilings, high end finishings, impeccable design, amazing location plus a revenue suite, this home was perfect top to bottom.
Working with the amazing @devonowen ensured the entire experience incredibly smooth, fun and professional. Thank you! And now in just 2 weeks these first time homebuyers get the keys to their stunning new home!

Sold August 13, 2019

402 22290 North Ave, Maple Ridge

Offered at $279,900

Helping First Time Investors take action is really exciting. We had been searching for the perfect property for a few months when this listing did a major price reduction. It was clearly a motivated seller and we were able to negotiate an addition 8% off the reduced price. This put the property well into positive cash flow territory. We sealed the deal and the buyer put up a rental ad and received 9 inquires the first day! Happy to say that the property has already found a tenant and she hasn’t even taken possession yet. Even better, he’s moving in on day 1 and the new landlord won’t experience a single day of vacancy. Congrats M.F., this is the perfect start to your investing career!

Sold July 30, 2019

104 312 Carnarvon St., New Westminster

Offered at $355,000

There has been a noticeable increase in first time homebuyers taking action this year. This particular client has been working very hard and saving for 3 years to get into the market. With prices and interest rates coming down, the landscape shifting into a buyers market and the perfect property becoming available, he know the timing was right. Congratulations on your first home D.S.!   This is a huge moment in your life. 

Sold July 12, 2019

2162 E. 1st Ave, Vancouver

Offered at $998,000

It was only 5 years ago that these first time homebuyers moved to Vancouver with almost no money and no jobs. Thanks to hard work, determination and the amazing opportunities this city provides, they were able to save for a large downpayment and qualify for a mortgage. When they saw the market go down they knew it was the perfect time to buy. Congratulations on your first home, and for owning land in Vancouver!  An amazing accomplishment to be proud of!

Sold July 4, 2019

1801 125 Milross Street, Vancouver

Offered at $1,148,000

Investors are getting a sense for the bottom of the market and this couple new it was time to pull the trigger on this beautiful East Side property.  With the incredible views, great amenities, premium rents, proximity to SkyTrain and the future Hospital, this property fit all the investors needs. Landing this deal at 8% under asking price and with a 15+ year holding timeframe, these investors look primed to get a great return on their money. Congratulations on adding another fantastic property to your portfolio!  

Sold July 3, 2019

209 1465 Comox Street, Vancouver

Offered at $749,000

This home had incredibly consistent attention from the moment it hit the market. Every week 20+ groups came through to have a look. Oddly enough, it was exactly group #100 that came forward with an offer and will now be making it their home. Super happy to get this done for the sellers who I’ve know for years. Thanks so much for working with me on your listing - we made it happen!!

Sold June 30, 2019

702 1351 Continental, Vancouver

Offered at $749,800

A student from Ontario was accepted into his dream course at UBC and needed to find a place to live for the next 5 years. His family reached out and with them located in Ontario, it made for many FaceTime walk-through, education on neighbourhoods, transit options and developer history. The Maddox building became the right fit for them and we landed them the perfect home to move in just in time for his first class. Congratulations on your acceptance and your haven for the next 5 years!  It was so great working with Robin Bardon & Rikka from Oakwyn to navigate this deal to a winning conclusion!

Sold June 28, 2019

1106 651 Nootka Way, Port Moody

Offered at $698,800

With surroundings that look like a combination of Squamish and Whistler, incredible mountain and water views , walking distance to a beach and a Village with tonnes of shopping options - it was no surprise that the buyers fell in love with this home. Stoked to have worked with a friend on the purchase of his very first home. Congrats C.T.! You guys are going to have such an amazing time here - writing music, playing B-Ball and creating years of amazing memories together!

Sold June 7, 2019

4962 Hardwick Street, Burnaby

Offered at $2,160,000

Walking into this home for the first time I was totally taken. The 23’ ceiling in the foyer and the glass stairwell immediately grabbed my attention and set the standard for how incredible the rest of the home is. The investors took a big risk and spent big money on this project, so we wanted to ensure the listing matched the level of luxury and class of the home - and to obtain the huge reach it would require to find the perfect buyer. Thanks to for their incredible work, you truly made this home look its absolute best. A huge thank you to my partner on this listing Ryan Dash. You worked tirelessly on this project and are the perfect agent & friend to team with. It’s been amazing to help 2 clients sell multi-million dollar properties with you in less than a month!

Sold May 24, 2019

204 1533 E 8TH Ave, Vancouver

Offered at $599,000

This adorable 2 bedroom home right by the Commercial Broadway Skytrain received a tremendous amount of interest the moment it was listed. In the first week there were 6 private showings and the Open Houses saw 50 groups come though. That translated into receiving 9 offers and selling in the first week for 7% over asking. The sale set a new record for the highest sale price ever recorded in the Credo Complex! Thank you so much to the sellers for trusting in me and my plan to sell their home - and for having such great style and keeping the home in impeccable shape! You really made this record happen!!

Sold May 13, 2019

3302 1255 Seymour St., Vancouver

Offered at $1,998,888

Unit 3302 just set the all time highest sales price ever recorded in the Elan building. Beating out the previous record by more than $500,000! In the Downtown market only 4 homes have sold in this price range in 2019, making it especially rewarding to see this home sell in just 3 weeks and for 98.5% of the original asking price. Partnering on this listing with Ryan Dash made all the difference in marketing, strategy, negotiation and providing a level of service and care our clients deserve. Congratulations to the new owners, the seller and Mehdi Moosaei for his great work on this deal. A win-win-win for the everyone involved!

Sold April 30, 2019

204 10160 Ryan Road, Richmond

Offered at $438,800

Very rarely do I meet a first time homebuyer who analyzes properties to a level of an ‘80s Nasa Engineer. This buyer needed to be as certain as possible that this home would not only be a smart investment, but could weather the real estate cycles and save him money compared to paying his very below market rent. Armed with 3 page long spreadsheets and enough analytical data to win Nascar, we narrowed down to a great building in the perfect area. Once negotiations began and we got it accepted at 7% under the original asking price, the buyer knew this was the one. Congratulations to G.L. on his first home and a feel-good investment.

Sold March 29, 2019

1903 602 Citadel, Vancouver

Offered at $849,900

To give you an example of what a polarized market it is right now, these buyers offered on 5 Properties before landing the perfect one. 2 offers we just couldn’t meet on price. But on 3 different properties they lost in multiple offer situations. With the buyers going in Subject Free! Ultimately this all worked out in their favour as this was by far their favourite home of the 6. Congratulations to the buyers who found the perfect home with the goal of being able to BBQ while looking at the ocean and mountains. ✔️!

Sold March 28, 2019

837 Roche Point Drive, North Van

Offered at $1,185,000

When driving into this neighbourhood it was all puppies and babies, a.k.a. PERFECT for the buyers that will now be calling it home! This 4 bedroom home is surrounded by parks, trails and backs onto a green belt, all making it perfect for a young family. Plus it’s basically at the base of Mount Seymour and super close to Deep Cove.   Talk about the ideal location for an active lifestyle. So incredibly happy for this amazing family to grow in. Congrats D.M. & E.M.!! You’re going to create so many amazing memories in your new home. 

Sold March 14, 2019

3091 Manitoba St, Mount Pleasant

Offered at $949,900

This job is amazing on an average day, but then when you get to help close friends find their dream home, it’s almost impossible to put into words how incredible it feels. This home checked all the boxes for this family, including the most important ones; it is kiddie-corner to their daughters favourite park AND beside her future elementary school that her best friend attends. Seeing the level of dedication these parents have towards giving every single thing they can to make their daughter have the best life possible was beyond heartwarming. So when we had to go subject to sale on this home and get their existing property sold quick, the pressure was on. Luckily this story has a very happy ending and they will be moving in just in time to enjoy the park in spring. And negotiating it 15% below the original asking price only helped make this dream home a fairytale too. 

Sold March 5, 2019

316 418 E Broadway, Vancouver

Offered at $495,000

Bit of a roller coaster ride with this listing. It went into multiples after only 5 days on the market but the deal collapsed. That same night it went back into multiples only to collapse again. Well, third times the charm and now it is sold! Thanks so much to the amazing sellers for hanging tough on this one. So exciting to get you into your new home!!!

Sold March 4, 2019

301 1381 Martin St., White Rock

Offered at $429,900

It was a please working with this client who wanted to downsize from her 5 Bedroom home in Surrey to a 2 Bedroom condo in White Rock. This home checked all the boxes and more and now she’s closer to friends, family and the ocean. Beautifully renovated and complete with all new appliances, the home even comes with an infrared sauna! While we saw this property back in December, waiting out the sellers resulted in a purchase price 8% below the original ask. Congrats on your new home P.S., so happy you’ll be enjoying your summer near the Promenade and all your favourite shops and cafes!

Sold February 19, 2019

24208 102a Avenue, Maple Ridge

Offered at $735,000

This home now belongs to an amazing couple who searched far and wide to find the perfect place. Located in the heart of Albion, this 3 bed, 3 bath home is the ideal property for a growing family. Not only is Albion one of the fastest growing areas of BC, you timed this purchase perfectly as we negotiated it 7% below the original asking price! .C.W. & K.D. you guys are going to be so happy here for years to come! Congratulations on your perfect home! Woooooooo! 

Sold February 12, 2019

706 1155 Homer St., Yaletown

Offered at $699,000

Just ONE day after selling his home in multiple offers we found the perfect new home in exactly the location he was hoping for.    This listing went into multiple offers as well and we beat out the competition to secure his dream pad.  Listed, Sold & Bought in 6 days.  So happy everything went so smooth for you N.W.!!  Enjoy your new life in one of the best areas in all of Vancouver, Yaletown!   

Sold February 9, 2019

605 188 Agnes St., New Westminster

Offered at $495,000

This fantastic 1 bedroom in New West Sold in only 4 Days in Multiple Offers! With 5 other listings in the building, it was great to see this one move so fast.   It even sold before making it to the Open Houses.  Congrats N.W.!!  Now let’s find you a new home in Yaletown :-) 

Sold February 8, 2019

110 444 E 6th Ave, Vancouver

Offered at $539,900

This first time homebuyer had all sorts of delays getting to this point, and did they ever work in his favour! We had started looking over a year ago and lost a couple times on homes that had 10 or more offers. Life happens and then a year later he was ready again. By this time prices were down and inventory was way up. We found this absolutely stunning and impeccably renovated oversized one bedroom with a huge patio. Perfect for his summer BBQ’s and only a 5 minute walk to work. We were the only offer and negotiated under asking price with all our terms. Couple that with one of the cleanest inspections I’ve ever seen and this first time homebuyer hit an absolute home run!

Sold December 15, 2018

114 22277 122nd Ave, Maple Ridge

Offered at $293,000

These clients reached out via Instagram asking to list their property! With no prior contact, it really reiterated how powerful Social Media is for marketing and connecting. And just like that, 3 weeks later their property was sold. Congrats to K.M. & L.M. for the super smooth transaction in the timeframe you were hoping for. And a big thanks to Susan Liu for co-listing the property! Always a pleasure teaming up with you :)

Sold November 7, 2018

135 W 2nd Avenue, Vancouver

Offered at $999,000

This client had just sold his place and was excited to move into a newer and bigger home. We found a brand new, never lived in, and stunning 2 level townhouse that checked every one of his boxes and more! With less than 7 days in between we had sold and bought his homes, and the possession dates aligned perfectly. Congratulations N.B.! Now you have room for that 16’ Christmas tree you’ve always wanted!! 🎄🎅🏼

Sold November 5, 2018

108 2483 Jacklin Road, Langford

Offered at $299,900

Langford is the fastest growing municipality in BC and checks many of the important boxes that investors look for. When the Langford Tower Pre Sale hit the market this investor jumped at the opportunity to pick up a unit that will Cash Flow from day one. With rental management already in place this is a true Turn-Key investment providing the new owner with peace of mind and investment freedom.

Sold November 1, 2018

405 1331 Homer Street, Vancouver

Offered at $719,000

Even Yaletown is in a buyers market right now and to get a property sold, PRICE is still the number one most important aspect. After that comes Marketing and putting in the work. This listing was up against 72 other one bedrooms in the area as well as 2 other very similar homes in the same building. We ultimately got the listing into a Multiple Offer situation and sold for $49,000 over the assessed value. Congrats to N.B. and R.S., it’s time to go shopping for you new (and bigger!) home.

Sold October 24, 2018

12649 89 Avenue, Surrey

Offered at $898,800

This home had a tremendous amount of interest out the gate, but that doesn’t ever guarantee an easy deal. We had a number of unexpected surprises along the way, but ultimately got into a multiple offer situation and sold for $90,000 over the assessed value. Super happy for the seller receiving an amount above her expectations and to help with the next phase in your life. Congrats P.S.! You’ve endured so much lately and really deserved a big win!

Sold October 11, 2018

805 209 E 7th Ave, Vancouver

Offered at $1,299,000

Huge congratulations to the proud new owners of this absolutely stunning home in the Ellsworth. We searched long and hard and found the perfect first home for you two. And how incredible is it knowing that you’re going to start your family here?! To top it off it was a true pleasure working with Peter Raab! This one is so much love. 👪❤️🏡

Sold September 5, 2018

404 1989 Dunbar Street, Vancouver

Offered at $535,000

Congratulations to this fantastic family who just landed the PERFECT home for their daughter to live in while attending Law School at UBC. Not only did we get this for 7% under asking price, we got the furniture too!

Sold July 27, 2018

1401 777 Herald Street, Victoria

Offered at $799,300

When you find a way to succeed in Real Estate Investing, you double down on it! These investors had bought into Townline’s Hudson Walk development and have been cashing cheques ever since. When Townline’s new development right next door was announced they jumped at the opportunity to get another investment property in an area they know and in a development that is providing them cash flow. Congratulations to S.G & A.L. for this perfect addition to your investment portfolio!

Sold June 17, 2018

605 777 Herald Street, Victoria

Offered at $465,900

These first time Real Estate Investors just hit a home run! Everything was pointing them to Victoria, and rightfully so. It’s considered the #4 best area to invest in BC. (REIN 2017) and is thought by many to be ‘on sale’ compared to Vancouver prices. With near 0% vacancy, climbing rents, above average growth and an abundance of jobs, Investors are flocking to Victoria. This Pre Sale was the perfect opportunity and we were able to secure their first choice of units. A huge congratulations to K.T. & J.G. for taking massive action and securing your first investment property!

Sold June 17, 2018

705 1777 W 7th Ave, Vancouver

Offered at $998,00

In this industry you get to see a LOT of differing properties. And every once in a while you come across one that is truly spectacular. This was the case here where the moment we walked in, I knew it would be the ONE. The views are absolutely spectacular. Spanning from Science World, over downtown, into English Bay and over the Ocean. (I wish I could share more shots but the listing photos were less than ideal. 🙊) I’m so happy for this client who found the ‘beyond perfect’ home after searching for over 6 months. Plus we were able to get it a below the assessed value. Congratulations to you J.P., I know you’ll be happy here for years to come!!

Sold June 8, 2018

215 2245 Wilson Ave, Port Coquitlam

Offered at $268,000

To anyone thinking they can’t afford to buy their first home, check this kid out: I had the honour of helping a 19 YEAR OLD who, with no financial aid from anyone, just bought his very first home. He decided to work hard, save his money and sacrifice for a few years in order to save for the down payment. He has been commuting 5 HOURS EVERY DAY to his job to get himself to this point. No gifted funds, no inheritance, no Instagram celebrity, just a hyper focused goal and a crazy strong work ethic. Congratulations to you T.J. You are an inspiration and you’re going to have a bright future.

Sold June 7, 2018

805 1295 Richards Street, Vancouver

Offered at $648,000

Investors know an opportunity when they see it! This savvy Real Estate Investor saw the market shifting and jumped on an ideal property. It was only 3 months ago when a 1 bedroom in Yaletown would have had multiple offers and sold over asking. We were able to pick this one up with NO competing offers and for Under Asking Price! Congratulations to this addition to your Investment Portfolio.

Sold June 5, 2018

516 10838 Whalley Boulevard, Surrey

Offered at $369,900

North Surrey has been dubbed one of, if not the, hottest Real Estate Investment area in all of British Columbia. Super excited to help this first-time investor get into the Maverick Pre Sale that sold out in ONE DAY! It’s rumoured that as many as 550 applicants tried to get into his development that features 125 units. With over 1,000 people moving into Surrey every month, this investment looks to have a very strong future, and great returns for the investor. Congrats!!

Sold May 20, 2018

516 2485 Montrose Ave, Abbotsford

Offered at $424,900

This first-time homebuyer took advantage of the 5% downpayment option offered by the developer of this fantastic Pre Sale and now has a brand new 2 bedroom home coming his way in 18 months! Downtown Abbotsford is know as the ‘Gastown’ of that area with many little cafe’s, restaurants, shops and old-towne feel. The community plan for the area is great and the next generation of young professionals and couples looking to raise their family are moving in. This will be one of the hot spots of Abbotsford in the next few years. .

Sold May 15, 2018

3066 2485 Montrose Ave, Abbotsford

Offered at $306,900

This first-time homebuyer took advantage of the 5% downpayment option offered by the developer of this fantastic Pre Sale and now has a brand new 2 bedroom home coming his way in 18 months! Downtown Abbotsford is know as the ‘Gastown’ of that area with many little cafe’s, restaurants, shops and old-towne feel. The community plan for the area is great and the next generation of young professionals and couples looking to raise their family are moving in. This will be one of the hot spots of Abbotsford in the next few years. .

Sold May 4, 2018

307 6480 195A Street, Cloverdale

Offered at $479,900

Helping out a long time friend & his wife makes this transaction so much more rewarding! . HUGE congratulations to J & D who beat out 5 other offers to win this beautiful home, and with their FIRST Offer! It was only a month ago that they weren’t even sure they would qualify for a mortgage, and now, they are celebrating the purchase of their first home together. I hope you two create incredible memories for years to come! ❤️👫

Sold April 9, 2018

310 159 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver

Offered at $620,000

Congratulations to these first time homebuyers who purchased their perfect home in Olympic Village. And the cherry on top? We bought in at the LOWEST price per foot in the building since November 2016!! What a great way to start home ownership.

Sold March 16, 2018

114 2250 Oxford Street, Vancouver

Offered at $620,000

HUGE congratulations to this First Time Homebuyer who beat out 8 other offers to win this beautifully renovated home! So excited for all the great memories you’ll create here, and especially for your new puppy who will LOVE the giant backyard.

Sold March 5, 2018

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